Task 5

Task 5 Communication and Networking

Responsible: IRSTEA IRSTEA

The objective of this task is to on the one hand to ensure communication and exchange within the network and on the other hand, to implement strategic project communication to a broad but targeted audience by communicating and disseminating the results among forest stakeholders and the interested public.

The task is divided in four sub-tasks:

5.1 Facilitating the communication among partners (SLU, SPBFTU)

5.2. Raising awareness and increase the level of engagement among target audiences (IRSTEA/ALU-FR)

Milestone: Internal Network Meetings: Kick-off (M5) (SPBFTU) and Mid-term (M6) (SLU)

Deliverable: Website including social media support (D5) (ALU-FR) and Workshop including stakeholders and policy makers (D6) (IRSTEA)

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