Task 4

Task 4: Develop an online e-learning course for informing forest stakeholders and the broader public about the forest-based economy 

Responsible: ALU-FR ufreiburg_logo1

The objective of this task is to develop a new target-audience oriented communication instrument for informing  stakeholders and interested citizens about the forest-based bioeconomy. The new instrument will be developed as an open access online e-learning course which targets present as well as next generation forest stakeholders (forest students) as well as interested citizens. This course will aim to accommodate the different needs and perspectives of the target groups in the form of a modular-system approach where single parts of the online course can be used separately. The online course will serve as well as a sustainable impact on bioeconomy information and communication.

Method: documents, interactive presentations, short films, quizzes.

The task is divided in 4 sub-tasks:

4.1 Develop a concept for the online course (ALU-FR)

4.2 Selecting reading material and documents (TUZ)

4.3 Developing presentations (including results from task 1-3) (BOKU)

4.4 Filming statements (at the PerForm workshop) (ALU-FR)

4.5 Merging results from 4.2-4.4, completing the course and run a trial (ALU-FR)

Milestone (M4): Concept for the online course

Deliverable (D4): Modular open online e-learning course on the forest-based bioeconomy.

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