Task 2

Task 2: Analyse and compare perceptions and acceptance of forest stakeholders

Task Lead: TESAF Padova

The objective of this task is to analyse and compare perceptions and acceptance, also in relation to their representativeness, of to date and next generation (students) forest stakeholders in the eight partner countries of PerForm. In Sweden and Germany a study on the perception of forest stakeholders has already been conducted. The design of this study will be used as a blueprint for the studies in the other countries.

Method: Qualitative interviews and quantitative survey

The task is divided in four sub-tasks:

2.1 Development of a quantitative online survey targeted at forest students (TESAF)

2.2 Interviews with forest stakeholder groups in five countries (All)

2.3 Conducting the online survey (All)

2.4 Analyzing and comparing the data (TESAF)

2.5 Writing scientific papers (All)

Milestone (M2): Questionnaire for an online survey

Deliverable (D2): Scientific papers to be submitted for a special issue

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