Task 1

Task 1 Map and compare the prominence of the forest sector (integration) in national bioeconomy policies

Task Lead: BOKU BOKU

The objective of this task is to map and compare the integration of the forest sector in different national bioeconomy  policies. The analysis will be outlined in a qualitative-comparative way in all eight partner countries of PerForm.

Methods: Literature review, qualitative document analysis and expert interviews

The task is divided in four sub-tasks:

1.1.Development of the comparative design of the analysis (BOKU)

1.2 Review of literature about bioeconomy policies in Europe (SLU)

1.3 Analysis of bioeconomy strategies and related policies concerning the expected contribution of the forest sector for a bioeconomy but as well concerning the limits of the forest sector (All)

1.4 Complementing results with interviews with experts from the forest sector to identify if and how forest stakeholders have been involved in the political process of the bioeconomy (All)

Milestone (M1): Outline for a comparative design

Deliverable (D1): Map with regional state of integration of the forest sector

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