1. Society Briefs

Read three concise summaries of the main results of our project.

2. Network policy maps:

Here you can download the network policy maps. These maps feature keywords representative for each country’s bioeconomy strategies, including policy goals, perceived problems, as well as economic and environmental values promoted.

3. Special issue:

We are currently working on a special issue together with the Journal Ambio- A Jounral of the Human Environment titled: “Socio-political  dimensions  of  forest-based  bioeconomies  in  Europe:  competing  perspectives  and regional disparities of bioeconomy policies”
Dr. Lea Ranacher, Wood K plus & BOKU University (Austria). Contact: l.ranacher@wood- , phone: (+43) 1 47654-73522
Dr. Ida Wallin, Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg (Germany).
Prof. Dr. Lauri Valsta, Forest bioeconomy, business and sustainability, University of Helsinki
(Finland). Contact:
Prof. Dr Daniela Kleinschmit, Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg (Germany).
The special issue focuses on the following questions:
I)  How do different groups of actors with indirect or direct stakes in forests perceive and
make sense of the forest-based bioeconomy?
II)  How do understandings of forest-based bioeconomies differ cross groups of actors and
III)  What  perspectives  of  the  forest-based  bioeconomy  are  integrated  into  and  framed  in
national bioeconomy policies/strategies?
IV)  How do these understandings of forest-based bioeconomies potentially impact land-use
and forest management in Europe?

The issue is expected to come out by the end of 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

4. Other Project-related publications:

D. Kleinschmit; B. Arts; A. Giurca; I. Mustalahti; A. Sergent; H. Pulzl (2017) Environmental concerns in political bioeconomy discourses. Special issue in the International Forestry Review- Shifting global development discourse

Pülzl,H., Giurca,A., Kleinschmit,D., Arts,B., Mustalahti,I., Sergent,A., Secco,L., Pettenella,D., Brukas, V. (2017) The role of forests in bioeconomy strategies at the domestic and EU level in: Towards a sustainable European forest-based bioeconomy– assessment and the way forward , Eds: Winkel, G. European Forest Institute, Joensuu, pp 36-51

Hodge D, Brukas V, Giurca A (2017): Forests in a bioeconomy: bridge, boundary or divide? Scand J Forest Res

Stein M., Giurca A.,Kleinschmit D. (2018) „Wir sind die Bioökonomie“ – Perspektiven von Akteuren aus dem deutschen Forst- und Holzsektor. AFJZ 10.23765/afjz000

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