Political strategies worldwide, present bioeconomy as the way towards a new and sustainable economy. The forest and wood-based sector promises to be an important building block for the bioeconomy.

However, there are major challenges in implementing a forest-based bioeconomy:

  • disparities in meaning and expanding the European bioeconomy between European countries;
  •  limited knowledge about whether and how forest stakeholders (across Europe) perceive the forest-based bioeconomy;
  • an information gap about whether and how urban consumers perceive the (forest-based) bioeconomy;

The aim of PerForm is to better understand regional disparities of national bioeconomy policies and the perceptions of a forest-based bioeconomy. We explore the diversity of perceptions and acceptance of a forest-based bioeconomy in Europe in order to foster participation of different forest stakeholders and the broader public through an informed and open dialogue. We analyze perceptions of various stakeholder groups across Europe (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland). Methodologically, we build extensively on qualitative document analysis, stakeholder interviews and innovative communication tools.

The main outcomes of this cooperation network are an online information platform and an open access e-learning course that aims to inform forest stakeholders, policy makers, students and the interested public about the forest-based bioeconomy in the different regions of Europe. The scientific results of the network will be collected and published in a special issue.

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